Derby Nomad Ramblers

Established 1935

Annual Awards

The specially commissioned pieces of engraved glass feature the Club badge and will represent fellowship and commitment. The Mavis Burton Award is intended as the premier trophy for dedicated service.
The awards will be presented annually at the New Year Dinner and are to be held by each winner until the ceremony is repeated the following year. The website will record the name of the recipients.
  Mavis Burton Award
Nominations can be made to any member of the committee who will then inform the President and Chairman. The President and Chairman will consider nominations made by club members and those proposed my members of the committee before making there final selection.
  President's Award
  Chairman's Award


Annual Award Winners

Mavis Burton Award

2013 - Pauline Kinderman
2014 - John Rice
2015 - Janet Williams
2016 - Janet Williams

President's Award

2013 - Colin Hills
2014 - Derek Roome
2015 - John Gregory
2016 - Steve Booth

Chairman's Award

2013 - Chris Fairhall
2014 - Griff Brewer
2015 - Jenny Wates
2015 - Geoff Beswick