Derby Nomad Ramblers

Established 1935

About the club

The club was formed in 1935 by a group of five keen ramblers.
Early members took part in the mass trespass on Kinder Scout in
1932, which resulted in freedom to roam the moors becoming the generally accepted thing it is today.

A reputation as the hardest walking club in Derbyshire was acquired in the early years, but the club has mellowed and mellowed and the programme now offers a range of walks with something to suit most abilities. Today the club has around 94 members.

The walks

Walks are led by club members.  If you are not sure if a particular walk will suit you it is useful to contact the leader of that walk and they will be happy to discuss the details with you.  The leaders’ phone numbers are on the programme.

They take place almost every Sunday, usually starting at 10 am and ending around 5 pm in summer, although this obviously depends on the distance covered and speed of the group. Walks end earlier in winter.

The Sunday programme contains a range of walks from 8 miles to about 15 miles.  The short walks are at an easy pace, as the distance increases so does the pace of the walk and there may be more hills.  Shorter evening walks are held during the summer.
Walks mostly take place in the Peak District and adjoining areas.

On the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each Month walks are organized on a less formal basis The Wednesday walks are of approximately six miles long usually local to Derby City,  start from a pub and returning there for lunch.

Getting to the walk

Members make their own way to the start of a walk, almost invariably using their own cars - that is obviously why most walks form a circle or figure-of-eight, beginning and ending at the same point.
Occasionally, particularly in summer, a minibus is hired to enable linear walks - beginning and ending at different points - to take place. These walks have proved very popular. They include a pick-up in Derby.

Walking weeks/weekends

These are organised periodically at times like Easter in Derbyshire and other celebrated walking areas such as the Yorkshire Dales, the Lake District and Wales. Members stay in cottages, huts or youth hostels.


Quarterly printed walking programs are issued to members. These provide the date of a walk; the name of the leader; the starting point, indicated by a place name and an Ordnance Survey grid reference; a brief outline of the route the place where lunch/dinner will be taken; and the distance.


The club is affiliated to four organisations involved in walking and related activities. It feels these affiliations benefit members and walking as an activity. It has a Ramblers Association (RA) representative who attends local RA meetings to exchange information. It also has a footpath secretary who ensures the club does its best to preserve footpaths throughout Derbyshire.

  • The affiliations are with.
  • The Ramblers Association.
  • HF Holidays View
  • The Youth Hostels Association.
  • Peak & Northern Footpath Preservation Society.

Further Events

The club aims to include a range of social events on the program throughout the year. These could include:

  • New Year walk & Dinner
  • New Year party
  • Topical slide shows and talks
  • Theatre visits

It is hoped to expand and vary these.


The committee welcome suggestions from members on ways to improve the club and expand its range of walking activities.

It aims to make Derby Nomad Ramblers the best walking club in Derbyshire.

About Walking

Walking is a healthy, natural and simple activity that should cost little to pursue.
The major investment is in a pair of good walking boots. These can cost over £100, but adequate footwear can be acquired for much less than this. A lot can be paid for warm and waterproof clothing, but it, too, can be obtained at bargain prices. Another essential is a rucksack, which also can cost a little or a lot.

How to join

You are welcome to accompany us on a walk before committing yourself to joining the club. Contact Chris, the programme secretary; for details of forthcoming walks, alternatively you can find the programmes here. The Members Secretary, Pauline, can also supply you with an application form if you want to join the club. Alternatively the membership form is available here. The current annual membership fee is £8.50.

Important note

Members of the Derby Nomad Ramblers Club agree that when leading or taking part in club events that they will act in a manner that will not endanger the safety of themselves or others.

The club, its officers and appointed leaders accept no responsibility for any loss or injury sustained by persons taking part in club activities.

Club Membership

Prospective members are encourage to sample three walks with the club before joining.

Following three sample walks prospective member wishing to join shall apply to a committee member or Membership Secretary who will bring forward their application and membership fee to the next committee meeting.

A welcome pack leaflet is available and is available here.

The club annual membership is £8.50.

Membership Form

The membership form is available here.

Membership Renewals

Members are requested to complete the form with their personal details and submit the form and membership fee to the Membership Secretary or committee member.